A Sample Of MOWHA Activities:


September 12, 2019: Springfield, MO cocktail Hour

We always enjoy seeing folks come as guests and leave as members. This is exactly what happened at our Southwest, MO cocktail hour at Hotel Vandivort. Thank you to all of our members for bringing their colleagues to learn about MOWHA and to our fabulous sponsors: Spencer Fane, Four Corners Development, Legacy Bank and Trust, and Wilhoit Properties.

June 26-28, 2019: 9th annual mowha conference

MOWHA’s 9th Annual Conference was a tremendous success. We welcomed several hundred attendees, including Missouri legislators, statewide officials, and MHDC staff. A huge Thank You to our sponsors, attendees, and panelists for ensuring an entertaining and informative time for all.

June 25-26, 2019: Property management Training

This year MOWHA hosted a Section 42 LIHTC Property Management Training offering Continuing Education Credits honored by the Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC). We had such a fantastic turn out from property management firms from all across Missouri - over 150 in attendance. Thank you to all who attended. We’ll see you in two years!

January 30, 2019: MOWHA Lobby day

On Wednesday, January 30, over 40 MOWHA Members braved Missouri's record cold and attended MOWHA's Lobby Day at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City to meet individually with over three dozen Senators and Representatives. We showed our strength in numbers as we advocated for affordable housing policy on behalf of each Missourian who didn't have the option to sleep in a safe place last night.

Having spent most of the past week in the Capitol, we've heard lots of great feedback about our efforts; it truly did make a difference. Thank you to our Lobby Day sponsors MarksNelson Certified Public Accountants, and Shawn & Trish Whitney (Shawn is a partner at Spencer Fane). They, along with dozens of MOWHA members, made the day possible. (And MOWHA’s own Kelly Brown did a fantastic job handling the logistics.)

DECEMBER 11, 2018: Finney Place Ground Breaking Ceremony

MOWHA had the pleasure of attending this groundbreaking, an affordable housing development bringing 40 newly constructed single family homes to the 18th Ward Vandeventer Neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Many thanks to Efficacy Consulting & Development and Fulson Housing for their work to bring this to life for the St. Louis community. Read more about the development here.

December 7, 2018: FRESHMAN TOUR - FOX RIVER estates

MOWHA headed to Willard (pop. 5,426), where we gave 50+ freshman legislators, as well as the House Speaker and Majority Leader, a tour of Four Corners Development's Fox River Estates. Big thanks to Ryan Hamilton and his entire team at Four Corners for doing a fantastic job hosting. Here you can see a couple pictures from the event posted by a legislator. The development is beautiful and the two residents - a retiree whose circumstances changed drastically and unexpectedly, and a single mom who works as a Head Start counselor - both did a super job of explaining how the opportunity to live at Fox River was life-changing.  


MOWHA stopped by Bolivar (pop.10,885), where Jeff Smith spoke to residents at two LIHTC properties about the state of affairs in Jefferson City, and asked them to share their stories. As we watched, residents wrote two dozen letters to their state legislators. Some of the letters were quite compelling.

November 16 & November 29: MOWHA Legislative roundtables

Thank you to all of our members who attended our Legislative Roundtables. Well over 100 MOWHA membership firms either attended or sent in vital feedback.