• The Missouri Workforce Housing Association (MOWHA) is a statewide organization comprising non-governmental community organizations, public agencies, general contractors and subcontractors, private and nonprofit developers, architects, professional organizations, bankers, attorneys, accountants, property managers, advocacy groups, and various construction material suppliers – approximately 170 groups in all.

  • MOWHA was incorporated in 2009 to advocate for affordable housing policy and to protect the state’s affordable housing incentives, including the Affordable Housing Assistance Program (AHAP), the Missouri Housing Trust Fund, and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program. Each of these programs serves an important social purpose in addition to their proven economic benefits. Given current economic realities, state incentives often make possible residential development projects that would otherwise be infeasible.

  • MOWHA works to protect these incentives which provide
    1) safe, quality housing to thousands of Missourians and
    2) family-supporting construction and construction-related jobs for countless others. We are committed to diversity and inclusion at every stage of the affordable housing process.